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Past Verdicts, Awards and Settlements


$1,800,000 settlement obtained in May of 2023 for a 45 year old man involved in a car accident where he sustained back injuries.


$1,250,000 settlement obtained for a 53 year old woman who sustained back injuries when she slipped on the top step of a negligently maintained staircase and sustained back injuries requiring surgery, April 2023.


$1,100,000 settlement was obtained for a 22 year old Westchester resident who sustained back injuries, July 2023.


$7,250,000.00 settlement for a young girl who sustained severe scars to 90% of her body when she was burned due to a negligently repaired stove.


$4,000,000.00 settlement, Plaintiff, a 32 year old male New York City Peace Officer who was employed with the Parkchester South Public Safety, was involved in a motor vehicle accident wherein the plaintiff was struck in the rear by a bus while a seat belted operator of said vehicle. Plaintiff suffered extensive injuries in this accident. They include a spinal fusion surgery and bilateral knee surgeries. After extensive mediation, this case was recently settled in the amount of $4,000,000.00.


$3,000,000.00 verdict was awarded a plaintiff, a 34 year old UPS delivery man who fell on wet spots of paint on stairwell in building - herniated disc and with surgery.


$3,000,000.00 and $2,600,000.00 settlements for children who suffered from lead poisoning.


$2,400,000.00 settlement was obtained for a 61 year old man who suffered head, neck and back injuries as a pedestrian hit by a car.


$2,250,000 settlement, Plaintiff, a 41 year old woman while working as a medical escort, was involved in a motor vehicle accident. She was a seat belted motor vehicle operator that was struck in the rear by the defendant vehicle. The plaintiff suffered injuries which required neck and back surgery. Summary Judgment was granted on liability on June 11, 2009. This established that as of that date the defendant was determined to be at fault by the Court. This is significant in that should the case have gone to trial and the jury rendered a verdict, the defendant would have to pay the verdict plus interest retroactively to 2009 when the summary judgment was granted. After extensive mediation the case was settled in the amount of $2,250,000.00.


$1,800,000.00 settlement for a widow whose husband fell to his death in a scaffolding accident.


$1,233,640 jury verdict awarded to a 34 year old waitress injured in a car accident.


$1,200,000 jury verdict was awarded to a 39 year old mental health counselor who suffered back injuries in a car accident.


$1,200,000 jury verdict awarded to a woman who tripped on a defective curb in a shopping mall.


A verdict of $1,150,000.00 was awarded to a plaintiff, a young woman injured in a trip and fall accident resulting in a fractured femur with hardware insertion.


$1,133,00.00 settlement for a woman injured in auto accident requiring back surgery.


$1,100,000.00 settlement was reached after mediation. In this case a 54 year old carpenter who was working on a construction project of a building in New York City tripped and fell on a loose roofing material that had become worn and caused him to fall and suffer extensive back injuries requiring two back surgeries and extensive physical therapy and pain medication. Vocational Rehabilitation experts were hired by the firm to establish his very limited ability to do any kind of meaningful work and to estimate the cost of future medical care. An Economist was hired as an expert on the value of his lost wages, loss of union benefits such as health insurance, fringe benefits, pension contributions and cost of living increases. Typically when injured at work one cannot sue his employer and his only remedy is to secure Workers Compensation Benefits. However by taking advantage of special provisions of the NYS Labor Law we were able to secure the $1,100,000 in addition to his obtaining of workers compensation benefits.


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