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We have obtained very substantial settlements and verdicts for our clients involved in all types of motor vehicle accidents.

Quick action is required to complete a full investigation and put the insurance carrier on notice of your claim. The sooner you call us, the faster we can document and prepare your accident case.

There are certain basic steps to take when involved in a motor vehicle accident which will enhance the value of your case as well as preserving evidence will be necessary as the case progresses in litigation;

  1. Take photos of the damage to the vehicles, make sure the license plate is visible on most of the photos where possible, also take photos of the accident scene itself including where the vehicles are located in relation to each other and traffic control devices, intersections, pedestrian crosswalks, etc.
  2. Call the police so there is a detailed report of what happened which will include the names and addresses of the drivers and owners of the defendant vehicles.
  3. Try to obtain names and contact phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident and make sure they speak to the police.
  4. Regarding injuries, seek immediate treatment (ambulance personnel will transport you to the emergency room) and upon arrival document each and every complaint of pain that you have. This is especially important where you may have only a mild pain in a knee or a shoulder that months later will flare up. Documenting the slight knee or shoulder pain in the ER will help prove that the injury was caused by the car accident.

Once involved in a car accident your medical bills and a scheduled amount of wage loss should be paid by the insurance company. But there are strict time limits under New York law concerning motor vehicle accidents. If No Fault claims are not filed in a timely fashion the insurance company will be relieved of paying for any of your medical bills.

Most victims of a car accident don’t realize that there are many various insurance coverages available to them such as uninsured or underinsured motorist claims. Under certain circumstances this could radically increase the amount of your settlement. We assume the burden of dealing with the insurance companies, handling the often confusing and overwhelming paperwork and protecting your interests.

In recent motor vehicle accident cases we obtained a verdicts and settlements of $4,000,000.00 and $2,250,000.00, see our list of Verdict and Settlements.


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